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:: Session #01 (may 2010)

: The task

Students are asked to design an architectural piece which primary function is light treatment, but also spatially able to choreograph human movement in terms of fluxes, play and effects, altering an existing place within the AIU (whether inside the building or outside in the garden). The focus of the project is on how light manipulation (how to treat it, how to play with it, how intense/intricate/dimmed/choreographic/theatrical/etc. they want it to be) in a spatial artifact can affect the perception and use of a known space.

: The projects

All of the groups focused their attention on critical areas in the campus inner garden, implementing the main issue (light manipulation) with the attention to wind directions and pressure and multiple crossing pedestrian fluxes.

Click on the pictures to go to the full post:

Delta Dot

Unicial group

Enlighted Eyes

Jupiter architectural group




1. Zainab Naji - June 25, 2010

Hi every one,
These are really wonderful projects!!!
I hope you all the best..
Zainab M. Naji

2. MOHAMMED DALLOUL - August 1, 2010

hello guys, wish you all the best for us and for our university…and the big wishes and thanks for MAG lab which give us the chance to explain our idea and give what is inside…

semo - August 1, 2010

Good luck guys .. wish you all the best

3. M.Taqiuddin - September 2, 2010

Hi Creators…
i’m wondering where can i fine our work- by the way, i attend to the 3th workshop in the summer course.

Thank for every one

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